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School for Johns • San Francisco

School for Johns


SWOP-USA (Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA) presents School For Johns

A day-long series of panels and workshops-- attendees will explore rarely discussed aspects of the sex industry including questions about safe professional sex, articulating sexual preferences, explaining disabilities, negotiations (time, money, activities), Johns' etiquette, gender preferences and transgender workers, avoiding scams, assisting sex workers, activism and a review of local laws and enforcement practices. The curriculum will be based on the expertise of sex workers, clients, attorneys, health professionals and activists.

School for Johns is an entertaining and educational seminar by sex workers, clients and health/legal professionals. John's School demystifies professional intimate encounters between consenting adults.

Attendees will learn about code words, how to use resources and different types of venues and services such as strip and night clubs, massage, and "full service" (where legal of course) in a light-hearted, supportive atmosphere.

We will also present recent research and discuss new laws, policies and enforcement priorities which target johns (AKA clients) through entrapment, coercive diversion offers and racially discriminatory arrests.

Robyn Few of SWOP-USA explains, "For the last decade the SFPD, the District Attorney's office and SAGE, a local non-profit, have used "John's School" as a shamed based program to make money off of prostitution arrests, instead of loosing money by arresting prostitutes. This program has done nothing to abate prostitution or get rid of clients. SWOP's "School for John's" intends to instruct clients of their legal rights and teach them safe sex skills and techniques, something useful not shameful."

As co-founder and Project Director of SWOP's 'School for Johns,' Bacchus was motivated by his experience with sex workers to develop an educational program for clients. "Sex work is a nightmare of exploitation for those who are coerced or forced into it. For others, it is a neutral means of income. For some lucky sex workers, it is a vocation that can be a constant source of joy, allowing them to share, physically and spiritually, a love as well as lust for life. Please, let us work together to free those from the first group, welcome them from the second, and celebrate with the third, while demanding equal respect for all of their human rights to pursue happiness and share fulfillment."

Carol Leigh, founder BAYSWAN and the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts festival explains, "I want law enforcement to stop using the sham of calling their shame based program 'education.' Our John's School is the opposite of theirs, a program in which sex workers and clients can share information in a sex-positive and supportive atmosphere.
School For Johns "Faculty"

SWOP-USA's School for Johns faculty includes sex workers of all genders, from all walks of life.

Additional presenters are listed at:

Veronica Monet
Veronica Monet is a certified Sex Educator, offering workshops, lectures, and professional advice on sex and relationships. Monet's new book, Veronica Monet's Sex Secret of Escorts: Tips from a Pro (Alpha Books 2005), is available in most major bookstores. Monet has over a decade's experience with the practical and political aspects of sex work, having worked as an erotic model, porn actress, prostitute, escort, and courtesan. Her political activism has included volunteer work for Bay Area Bisexual Network, COYOTE San Francisco, and Sex Worker Outreach Project

Stephanie Adraktas
Stephanie Adraktas is the Director of the New College School of Law Criminal Defender Clinic which has conducted research on the San Francisco First Offender Prostitution Program.

Robyn Few
Co-founder of SWOP's School for Johns, Robyn Few is also the founder of SWOP-USA. Dubbed the "patriotic prostitute," a campaign centered on the idea that prostitution should be decriminalized to protect women from violence began in October 2003 with The Sex Workers Outreach Project.

Marc Perkel
Marc is a computer programmer and entrepreneur. He was the first on the web to post a clients advice in his "How to Use Escort Services: A Men's Guide."

Natasha Sommers
Natasha is a transgender activist and artist. She has had numerous careers in her 21 years including floral arranger, secretary and, of course, escort.